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Freedom and flexibility – Contracting

Are you interested in working for a specific time-period? Would like to use your skills to try out an industry you’ve never worked in before? Or do you just love the freedom and flexibility of contract work?

If you’re available at short notice, able to hit the ground running and can mesh in with a team easily, an interim position or contract could be for you.

Contracts can give you the opportunity to utilise your transferable skills in new roles and industries. Many people use them as a ‘stop-gap’ solution between permanent roles.

Our contracts range from office administrators and legal secretaries, to project managers and technology consultants. They can last from a few days to many months.

Some of the contract and temporary roles we’ve filled recently include:

  • Executive Assistant

  • Legal Secretary 

  • Corporate Receptionist

  • Credit Officer

  • Marketing Coordinator

  • Call Centre Operator

  • Team Assistant

  • Scheduling Officer

  • Administration Officer

  • HR Officer

  • Accounts Clerk

  • CRM Specialist

  • AM Developer

  • Helpdesk Support

  • Solutions Architect

  • Business Intelligence Consultant


If you’d like to discuss contract opportunities and ideas, contact us today.