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  • Solutions Realised leverages over a decades experience providing technical staff to clients to ensure they are able to deliver products to market and maintain their environments effectively. 

  • Our deep expertise in specialist technical streams suchs as DevOps, Cloud, Data and  Software Development, enables us to provide high quality solutions at a competitive market price.  

  • Our onshore technical experts combined with a high quality offshore team of subject matter experts in their respective fields, gives our customers peace of mind when leveraging our team to deliver solutions based on customers needs and requirements.

  • By providing a balance of cost, quality and timely delivery we ensure our customers can focus on solving business problems.

  • We ensure code is deployed using the most current industry best practice with a secure by design approach to every solution we deliver to our customers. 

Providing a mix of onshore and offshore resources ensures we adhere to the most stringent industry standards whilst providing technical expertise with shorter lead times that specialise in the technical areas you need to get the job done.

Micki's approach was simply fantastic and refreshing when placing me at my current role. She kept me in the loop at every step of the recruiting process, was open and honest, very approachable and always quick to respond to my calls or to provide feedback. Her advice on how to answer common interview questions was unique, and to this day I have kept her advice in mind when answering similar questions under difference circumstances. Micki and Talent.Realised will be my first phone call the moment I get a chance to build a team because I know she'll find me the right candidate(s) with minimum fuss.


Marketing and Communications Manager - IVE Group

I had the pleasure of working with Micki Persky on my most recent appointment and it was the most refreshing recruitment experiences to date. Her personable and upfront character-built trust quickly. Micki is an awesome communicator and kept me updated throughout the process. She also has an exceptional ability to manage expectations and multiple stakeholders. Micki is an excellent operator and I would certainly recommend her to others.


Sales & Commercial Excellence, Senior Manager - Lego Group

Barry = Relentless + Helpful! Barry has been super easy to work with and has provided valuable guidance throughout the process to find what aligned with my career goals and interests.


DevOps | CI | CD Enthusiast

I have worked with Barry for quite a few years at the companies he has worked at. One of the few agents around that actually follow up and do what they say they will do!


Senior Server/Infrastructure Specialist

Garth is a person who has great skills and profound experience of modern business solutions. He is a detail oriented, goal oriented, ambitious and powerful, his knowledge is vast and extensive. Garth leads by example and many people find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Energetic and broad-minded - that's him! Garth always maintains very good relation with clients. Definitely worth recommending.


Private Secretary at NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet