Lucas Tiley

Lucas Tiley

Recruitment Consultant, Technology

Born and bred in Sydney, I got sick of the sunshine and happy people, so a few friends and I decided to try our luck in London. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful experience teaching children with learning disabilities, however, a few years of freezing cold weather, warm beers and 10-year-olds saying that I have a funny accent it was clear that warm weather, cold beers and my friends and family were a better option. 

Living in London opened my eyes to the world of recruitment, and it was something I felt passionate to pursue when I came home. Having joined the awesome team at Talent Realised I am now specialising in permanent and contract back-end developers and working across the entire IT spectrum within the NSW Government.

Out of the office, you’ll find me wearing loud shirts and trying to find Sydney's best burger or beating my mates ( and work colleagues ) in Super Smash Bros.