Jordan Bratusa

Jordan Bratusa

Hello there! I’m Jordan Bratusa, the newest and youngest member of the Talent Realised team, and boy gee what a great company to be working for. 


Originally I come from a very heavy golf oriented background, working in the industry straight out of high school. It all started with scrubbing the dirt off golf carts, eventually working in the customer service roles in the pro shop, and climbing my way up to a Sales & Event Manager role.


After almost 10 years in the industry, I felt like I needed a change while still using the skill set I developed over the years to help me achieve my goals. This is when my good friend Josh Kitchin, talked me into pursuing a career in IT recruitment, and voila! Here I am working with the guys at Talent Realised. 


I'd like to say I have hit the ground running as that is just how I work and have adapted quickly to the unique process that is recruiting. Specifically focusing on the DevOps scene and slowly working my way in other areas of the field, I am thoroughly enjoying the cultural environment and meeting the wizards of the tech world who are teaching me more and more every day. 


When I am not in the office, I am usually binge watching the latest Netflix series or trying to lift some heavy weights at the gym! Always trying to keep a consistent balance between work and life outside of it.